A lot people have very legit questions about MTTB in there efforts to make money online,
These are just a few of them which I hope to have answered for you.


QWhat kind of stuff will I learn about in the 21 steps?

A: MTTB is all about showing you how to regularly collect 1k, 3k, and 5k 
commissions online.

With MTTB, you’ll be learning from professionals who do it every single day.

When you become an MTTB member, you’ll be given your own Top Tier coach,

who will be calling your leads back once you begin your marketing as soon as you finish the 21 steps.

To help you out you will also be given access to a 30 day traffic plan 
after completing the 21 steps.

Also, when you have done the 21 steps, You will be given a traffic coach to help you with the 30 day traffic plan.

You’ll enjoy doing this and as long as you follow the system, this will 
work for you, as it has for many others.

Q: Why is there a $49 application fee to join?

A: The $49 serves to detract the wrong people from applying.

People say, “hey, if this is so good, why don’t you just let everyone in for free?”

The fact is the application fee really is part of our screening process.

Q: Will Matt pay $500 to anyone who does not get results, or is that just a trick to get us in?

A: Matt will honor that promise – provided the terms are met.

The terms are,

You must go through the 21 steps in under 21 days. You must complete all the homework assignments at the end of each step.

And then, you must market the system following the 30 Day Traffic plan.

If you can show Matt you have done all that and have not made a grand, then $500 is yours.

The guarantee is not there for people to try and take advantage of it.

For people who legitimately meet the terms, the guarantee will always be honoured.

Q: Will I have a coach who will work with me?

A: YES. And that coach will be working with you 1 on 1.

Q: Does this system work?


As long as you work the system as you are shown.

If you look at our average earnings per MTTB member, and compare it to any other system out there on the market, you’ll see we stack up very, very well.

Q:How will I get paid?

A:We do payouts every 2 weeks.

To do the payouts, we use something called ‘Ewallet.’

It’s a little like Paypal. Basically, you sign up, and then connect it to your bank account.

We then pay you, you get an email notification, and then you transfer funds to your own account.

It’s really easy to use and very convenient – and we’ll go through all of that in one of the Steps inside of MTTB.

I hope that’s most of your questions answered.


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